Evfrosina (b.1974, Moscow) works across painting, kinetic sculpture and photography. In each field she has created her own distinguished, easily recognizable visual style. The prevailing subject of her compositions is the movement. Nothing is constant in the world but flux. She focuses on the motion of a human body, considered like a powerful instrument of the work with consciousness and energy. One of her latest projects called Ifallil fully evolves this concept. It consists of various interactive kinetic sculptures (Ifallils) which transfer the idea of harmony and balance. The project was presented internationally since 2011. Evfrosina reflects:"The art is intended to evoke in people a resonance with the vibrations of the universe and to shake off the dusty veil from our ancient memory”.


2018 05.3-6 Art New York, Boccara Art

2018 03.14-21 Boca Raton, Boccara Art

2017 12.05-10 Scope Miami Beach, Art Basel Week, Boccara Art

2017 09.21-24 Asia Contemporary Hong Kong, Boccara Art

2017 05.03-07 Art New York, Boccara Art

2014 "Upwards" Ruarts Gallery, Moscow (personal)

2013 "Beyond the visible" Gallery Victor Saavedra,Barcelona (personal)

2012,2011,2010,2008 Art Moscow , Ruarts Gallery

2010 "I loved Mahmud" , Evfrosina Lavrukhina & Alexander Arngoldt,

Ruarts Gallery, Moscow

2010 "Singing fish realm", KORPUS 3 Gallery, Moscow (personal)

2008 Millionaire Fair '2008, Gallery Boccara, Moscow

2008 "Aquarius.Gallery" Boccara,Cannas (personal)

2008 China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) 2008,Beijing, China

2008 "Epos.Eros.Fros." Ruarts Gallery, Moscow (personal)

2008 "Epos.Eros.Fros." Galerie Adler, Paris (personal)

2007 "Capriccios ", "Тitania", The International Photobiennale . Fashion and Style in Photography, Moscow

2007 "Acquarius", Brothers Lumiere Gallery, Moscow (personal)

2006 "Awaking",<ПROЕКТ_FАБRИКА>, Moscow (personal)

2006 "Garpastum", "Casanova", The International Photography Month, Photobiennale 2006, Moscow

2005 "Garpastum", project for the opening of the "Garpastum" movie at the Oktyabr cinema, House of Cinema, Moscow

2005 "Street, Art and Fashion", Contemporary Russian Photography , Europalia. Russia 2005 Festival, FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen , Belgium

2005 "India", artcafe "Gallery", Moscow (personal)

2004 "Pranksters of Beirut", "Paolo Bongia","Night Watch", The International Photography Month,Photobiennale 2004, Moscow

2004 "Twelve", Bokovfactory, M.N. Ermolova Museum , Moscow (personal)

2003 Photography from the New Russia 1991-2003, Fotografie Forum International. Frankfurt-on-Main , Germany

2003 "40 Views of an Icon", Comme des Garcons, Moscow, Paris, London, Tokyo, Milan, Brussels, Madrid

2002 "Practicing the Style", The International Photography Month, Paris

2002 Participated at The International Photography Month in Moscow : Photobiennale 2002

2000 "Rivelazioni", The Third International Photography Month in Moscow: Photobiennale 2000

1998 "Dilaram's Mate" , Moscow House of the Chess Player, Moscow (personal)

1997 Group show, Liliana Magnero, Rome

1996 Group show, Franco Toselli gallery, Milan


2003 Silver Wreath, Second International Festival: Fashion and Style in Photography , Moscow

2005 Silver Wreath, Second International Festival: Fashion and Style in Photography , Moscow